I am taking this time of isolation for reflection in my art making practice and in the process I’m also trying new techniques and materials. This little painting is an example. It’s the view from my shed window and it’s an oil painting, so outside my usual comfort zone. Oil on panel, 25 x 35 cm.

Wee sketch and gallery news

From the window

Here’s a small sketch I did last evening from the house window. It’s in gouache on dark brown paper. I had planned to open my new gallery for Easter, but because I am in the high risk group for Coronavirus I’m going to self isolate and postpone the opening for now. I shall spend my time painting as usual so no real hardship for me. To all my family, friends and supporters, take every precaution you can to stay well. I wish you good health in these worrying times.

Studio/Gallery Update – 10th March 2020

Work on the studio/gallery is coming on well. Floors and walls have been painted, a hanging system for paintings is being installed this week and signage will all be ready in time for Easter. The studio area has been in operation for a couple of months already.

I plan to open gallery the weekend before Easter (Saturday 4th of April to be exact). I am already working in the studio and visitors will be very welcome to come and have a look around or watch me working if they are interested.