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Welcome to my website

The site is currently under active development (Feb 2017).

I am a painter mostly specialising in landscape art in a variety of media.  I live in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and most of my landscapes are of the wild areas of Scotland and Wales. The above painting was completed on site at Sgeir Ruabha, North Uist in the Hebrides using acrylic paint on heavy watercolour paper.  It was a bright, blustery autumn day in 2016.


Here are two galleries of sketches from Wales and Scotland.  These in no way represent ‘finished’ paintings and some are very quick studies using the minimum of materials (pencil and paper).  They are shown here simply to illustrate my working methods when sketching in the wild.  My sketching techniques have and are continuing to evolve and the conflict is usually between versatility and portability.  I’m continually experimenting and refining my materials to make them as easy as possible to carry over long distances whilst still being able to capture the nuances of the landscape.