I am a painter specialising in landscape art in a variety of media. I live in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland and my landscapes are of the wild areas of Britain – mainly Scotland and Wales.  My paintings do not always represent specific places, but are often my impressions gathered during many walks with sketchbook and pencil through the heather and deer grass to remote hills and crags; and along windswept coasts to lonely rocky headlands and the vast sandy bays of the west.

I believe it is imperative that artists should develop their vision and techniques over time and that in the process they should think deeply about the process of art making.  But the result of that thinking and experimentation must be expressed through the paintings, because in the end, painting is not writing – the paintings must stand on their own as a testament to what the artist has tried to achieve. It is up to others to decide whether my paintings succeed in evoking what I intend – what D.H. Lawrence called ‘Spirit of Place’ – perhaps a memory of an experience you’ve had, somewhere you once stood, somewhere you would like to be, or even a dream that you recall.

I invite you to look at the paintings shown here. If you like what you see come along to one of my exhibitions and see them ‘live’. There you will be able to fully appreciate the textural quality of each piece.

Paintings that have been sold are marked as such, but if you are interested in a painting that is available please get in touch via the contact page.  Some work is in galleries and other work is available directly from me.

St Kilda

Hebrides Impressions

Other Work


Saturday 16th June 2018.  Exhibition progress

The exhibition at the John Muir Trust Wild Space Gallery in Pitlochry is going well and quite a number of paintings are now sold.  Still a couple of weeks to go if you would like to see my art work displayed.

Tuesday 15th May 2018.  Contact form problems

If you have been trying to get in touch via the contact page and not received a reply, this was because of a technical problem with that page which has now been fixed.  Please try again and I will respond quickly.

Monday 14th May 2018 New website is popular!

The new website has had almost 3500 visits since it was launched a week ago!

Wednesday 3rd May 2018

I have a solo exhibition in the John Muir Trust ‘Wild Space’ Gallery in Pitlochry, north of Perth.  The exhibition opens tomorrow (Thursday 4th May) and will run until the 4th July.  For further details, click this link.

A note on buying art from the John Muir Trust Wild Space Gallery

‘Wild Space’ is a ‘walk-in and take it away’ gallery.  For insurance reasons, the gallery is unable to send paintings to potential buyers.  However if there is artwork that you’ve seen on my website or at the gallery that you would like to purchase, get in touch via my ‘contact’ page and I will personally make the arrangements to send the work.   Additional new work will be added to the website and may be purchased directly from me.